About Eden Florist

We warmly welcome you to explore our online store here at Eden Florist. 

Our floral bouquets and arrangements are expertly designed and excellent value. We are centrally located in Christchurch with our Floral Studio in Richmond.

A Rose By Any Other Name

We are often asked about our name, with many of our customers picturing the Garden of Eden in a dazzle of spring blooms, stunning colours and natural beauty. We tell them yes, that was a thought, but the real reason behind the name is simply that it is Brooke’s middle name. Eden Florist is a family business and the name is as much a part of who we are as the vibrant flowers we have designed our lives and our livelihood around.

It is a pleasure to be able to share fresh, locally grown flowers with you in artistic, unique arrangements to suit any style and occasion. You can order from our website direct or contact us for any special requirements or queries.